The Right CRM – Review, Select and Implement

We recently extended our CRM software advice service to include the USA and Canada.  To support this change we updated our CRM categorisation and re-evaluated hundreds of CRM applications, resellers and add-ons.   Stepping back, we can clearly see that a growing and high percentage of CRM vendors provide good core case management and CRM capabilities […]

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February 27-2015, Written by Segun Osu 2 Comments

Smarter Software Selection – 5 Simple Steps

This guide outlines important steps to select the most appropriate software vendor, value added reseller or agency for your business. A typical short listing process for a small to midsize company can consume 18 or more hours of management time.  Larger companies require considerably more time. The 5 steps in this guide show you how to […]

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February 13-2015, Written by Segun Osu 1 Comment

What Type Of CRM Buyer Are You?


Not all CRM Software is the same, and not all buyers look for the same thing.  Sometimes, software choices are inadvertently driven and determined by the buying habits of an organization and/or department and/or buyer (especially if a procurement professional or department is not part of the decision making process). Astute business software buyers make […]

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February 06-2015, Written by Segun Osu 1 Comment