Agile Scrum Matters – The Fragility of Plans


ABOUT PLANS AND RELAY RACES A project plan shares some characteristics with a relay race.  For example, how long it takes to complete a planned project or relay race will depend on internal and external stressors, and breakage points – operating environment, pace of team members, quality of handovers, etc. – that may individually or […]

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PWAs – Affordable Mobile Apps

mobile first

  Ten years ago, Google announced that its programmers were doing work on mobile first.  Only 4% of all internet traffic came from mobile devices, but Google saw the future – mobile internet traffic soared above 50%,  initially through Native Apps.  Now, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are fuelling further growth by lowering costs.   Native […]

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February 15-2020, Written by Segun Osu Leave a comment