The CRM Market Quadrant

crm market quadrant

The Market Quadrant (MQ) is a two dimensional matrix that highlights key differences between vendors.

Each vendor’s positioning is determined mainly by their market dominance and how well they address users’ needs.


The inclusion and relative positioning of each firm is based only on publicly available information such as company size, financial and social status, functionality and customer feedback.  The methodology used is objective and free from any form of analyst bias or opinion.

The image above is an illustration ONLY.  The first CRM MQ, accurately showing all vendors and their relative quadrant positions, will be published shortly.


The CRM MQ contains 4 quadrants outlined below.

Market leaders dominate their markets and are also leaders in terms of functionality offered and how well it matches user’ needs.

Mature players dominate the markets within which they operate but are not leaders in terms of functionality offered and how well it matches users’ needs.

Functional champions do not dominate their markets but are leaders in terms of functionality and how well it matches users’ needs.

Niche specialists tend to offer a subset of the most commonly requested functionality that matches users’ needs.  They tend to have less dominant market positions.

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