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Good iOS apps are still significantly easier to write than good Android apps. Simply put, all platforms are not created equal. The new Android Studio IDE is closing the gap but the jury is still out. On average, in a small test, we found that Android versions of the apps required 30% + more coding than the iOS versions. Android applications are written in Java, which is a much more verbose language than Objective-C or Swift, the language of choice for IOS apps. Android developers simply need to write more code than iOS developers to develop the same app.

Fewer lines, lower cost

Extra lines of code translates into potential for more bugs which in turn translates into more time and extra cost. The extra cost is partially mitigated by the slightly lower average hourly cost of an Android developer but overall, Android apps cost more than IOS apps even when you factor in lower hourly rates.

Market share Vs spending power

However, Android devices are pervasive, it is the undisputed market leader, with nearly 80% of the market compared with Apple's 14%, according to IDC. To IOS users tend to be wealthier, on average, than Android users. They spend more online and are willing to pay higher prices. Therefore, market share alone is an unreliable and somewhat distorted metric when comparing app development platforms. Also, whilst Android offers the widest range of devices - with prices that suit a wide and diverse demographic user base - IOS still covers a wide variety of user demographics. However, unless you are targeting a specific high net worth demographic with your first app,

The essential app

So, Android is still a prudent entry point. But if you have already covered Android, you cannot afford not to build an App for IOS/Apple. With your Android app already firmly positioned in your war chest, your next native app should certainly be based on IOS/Apple. Remember, Apple users punch above their weight in terms of their market importance - on average, they have relatively higher disposable income. You simply cannot operate a credible app strategy if you do not address this very important market segment. In summary, if you want market visibility and impact for your app, you cannot ignore the Apple/IOS user base.

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