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Quotes from pre-qualified Suppliers
You get to review and compare supplier capabilities, backed up by objective third party opinion including case studies and ratings from previous buyers from as many* or as few suppliers as you need. 

Suppliers compete for your business
Each supplier who receives your details knows that you are a motivated buyer who is seriously reviewing other quotes. They know that to get and keep your business, their proposals will need to be competitive and realistic.  

Save time and money
Quickly and easily give us your contact details and outline your requirements.  Submit just one request and receive quotes. You self select the suppliers with the best capabilities for your project. 
Requests for quotes from motivated buyers
Our buyers are actively looking for the products and services that your business provides. We match them to a shortlist of suppliers and they select which suppliers they would like to receive quotes from. We then pre-screen buyers by phone before sending you their detailed requirements.
Greater control
Fully control the number of qualified sales leads that you receive each month. Stay in control by using our sales lead management system where you can manage all sales leads or export to your own sales contact management system.
Measurable value
By only paying for each clearly defined and measurable result, we reduce your client acquisition costs and eliminate risks. Pay for results and link all costs directly back to ROI.

*Subject to a maximum number that may be different for each category


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