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What is a Web Developer?

A Web developer is a person or a company engaged in developing and implementing applications for the World Wide Web. Web developer tasks include programming, creating software applications, scripting, designing, graphics, and hosting and managing Websites.

There are many types of Web developer. A developer who writes code or scripts to create software programs on which a Website will run is likely to be referred to as a software developer or engineer. A person who maintains the site once it is running is called a Webmaster. And a person who designs the site, generates the graphics and handles HTML and semantics is known as a Web designer. But, contrary to popular belief, Web developers are not Web designers.

Web content or copywriters, logo designers, audio or video content providers and so on are not generally referred to as Web developers. The word holds more of a programming and engineering connotation and usually refers to the people involved in creating front- and back-end interfaces for Websites and Web applications.

Typically, more than one person is required to develop Websites or Web-related software applications, and each will have their own area of expertise. This is because specialised knowledge is needed for successful Web development. However, thanks to easy access to free online guides and the open nature of the development environment, there are many self-taught entrants in the market.

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